Stop Missing Out On The Life Happening Around You

GeoSwap is the only mobile app that allows you to know everything happening in your city

GeoSpots Show You Everything That There Is To Do Around You
Get A Live Feed Of What Your City Is Doing With Our GeoStories
Join In On The Fun And Share With Your City How You Have Fun

GeoSwap Lets You Live Like A Local No Matter Where You Are

Check out all of the different GeoSpots on our map to find interesting things to do.

Post to each GeoSpot so other people can see why they should join in the fun

And you can even build your own GeoSpots to tell your community about your events!


What's A GeoStory?

GeoStories are mashup of all your city's actions and events. See what the entire city is doing around you so you can join in on the fun. Get an inside look at everything they're doing and show your city how you have fun by posting yourself!

The Team

Innovation & Experience

Jason Bamford
Jason Bamford
Founder & CEO
University of Delaware | Junior | Biomedical Engineering
Douglas Fink
Douglas Fink
Management and Financial Council
CEO of Group Capital LLC, which facilitate a selection of crowd-financing possibilities. Fink, a third generation private business owner, is also CEO of Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company, Sovereign Commercial Services, and other companies, as well as multiple commercial real estate facilities
Lawrence Zale
Lawrence Zale
Attorney Lawrence P. Zale received his Physics degree from Wilkes University and his Biomedical Engineering Degree from Drexel University. Following his work with the US Army, he studied at Franklin Pierce Law Center (now UNH Law School) in Concord, NH with an emphasis in Intellectual Property Law.


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