Zach Jones pt. 3 Finding the right idea

3. Finding the right idea Starting a company is really hard. I don’t mean to discourage any of you from trying. I know some of you here may be reading this because you dream of starting a business some day, already have a business or just because you’re interested in learning. Luckily, knowledge of entrepreneurship[…]

Zach Jones pt. 2

2. Sharing your ideas Some people safeguard their ideas and don’t share them with anyone unless they’ve been sworn to secrecy. We grow up in fear of not getting credit for our ideas and for this reason it might seem strange and uncomfortable to openly share your brilliant thoughts with anyone. While I understand this notion,[…]

Idea Generation by Zach Jones

Ideas are a tricky thing. We’ve all had them, yet very few of us have pursued them and created something new. We often associate unique ideas with creativity, thus we have to develop this creativity in order to develop our capacity for generating ideas. Fortunately, this isn’t as tough as we might think. Here are[…]