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What category do you want to build geospots in?



Business that sign up on Geoswap can build geospots under a specific business category. Customers who use the app will receive notifications and view your geospots on the map. Let the community know about your events, deals, specials and rewards.


Not only can anyone who signs up for Geoswap access information from nearby businesses, but they can also build geospots in the Public category. Is your band performing at a local restaurant? Are you hosting a fundraising event? Get your community involved by building a public geospot.


Build geospots in the friends tab and promote fun activities. Invite friends using the app and start sharing location-based content so your friends know what’s happening, where they can meet you and access any special instructions.

Why GeoSwap Exists?

Our goal is to ensure that our communities are vibrant and full of engaged people.

We want people out enjoying the areas in which they live so both our businesses and citizens can thrive.

Get your business on GeoSwap

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