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Make Ads That People Pay Attention To

Engage Your Local Community

We wanted to find a better way for you to engage your customers and fans. As a business, you need a better way to get information to the people who need and want it most.

Improve Customer Experiences

With our geofencing technology, you can make any information (menus, articles, websites, pictures)instantly accessible for your customers when they get to your location.

How it works

Easy to upload and easy to download



Find what you are looking for faster, with different categorizes that are organized for Business, Public, and Friends all displayed at the top of the map.


Into the Future

See the geospots that are available in the future with the slider. Select a day and slide the button throughout the day to watch the spots appear and disappear on the map.

Build Geospots

Tap the plus sign (Upper Right) and build the next great spot around your location.


Click to View

Click the spot on the map to read what’s inside. If your current location falls within the radius of the Geospot you will be able to download/view all of the great digital content.

Upload your files from your phone. 

Your files will be displayed over the event location, which fans will access when they arrive.

It is easier and faster to upload content on Geoswap than it is to change a website.

People at the event will be able to 

download, view, and save the information you uploaded once they are within the location of the geospot.

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