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Q: Will there always be an unlocking functionality before I can unlock a geospot?

A: Not always. It completely depends on the person who created the geospot. If they feel that an unlocking functionality will help them, they may require it before you can view/download the contents.

Q: How can let people know about my event a few towns over from me before the actual date of the event?

A:  Geospots can be placed anywhere. We totally get that people may not happen to be hanging out near your location, so we designed the geospots to be placed anywhere. Also, we know as a community member yourself you know your area the best. In the months leading up to the event you can place geospots at a sports game, at a park, or in a store for people to find and unlock (truly anywhere). Since you will be considered a business, we will know your “real” business location. That way when you build these geospots to start a buzz, the people who unlock them will know that  your location is not on top of a grocery store. At the locations you make the geospots it may be advantageous to add an unlocking functionality. For example say something out loud or share on social media. That way when one person unlocks the spot on the app, people around them or on social media also learn about your event.