How To Blow Out Your Philly New Year’s Celebration

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If you want to have a truly great New Year’s Celebration, then you need to follow the Five Fantastic Festivity Formulas.

Link With Your Squad
Every epic night starts with a gathering of the crew! Batman has his cave, Superman has his Fortress of Solitude, and the X-Men have the X-Mansion. If you and your friends want to start your New Year’s Eve off right, then you’ve got to pick a spot where you can all link up before you start the night. It can be a house, an apartment, a bar, or a parking lot: it doesn’t much matter: just pick a spot! This ensures that everybody knows the night’s plan and that nobody gets left behind when you start your escapades. And speaking of the night’s plan, our next step is…

Have A Ball Drop Location
Pretty obvious but this is the meat and potatoes of your night! If you want your night to actually be “fantastic,” then you want to pick a place that’s full of friends, full of music and full of champagne: you always want to have champagne. Plan to show up here at least an hour in advance so traffic, slow friends, stray meteors, whatever, doesn’t stop you from watching the ball drop. However, we know that nothing ever happens perfectly so you absolutely, positively, MUST…

Have Back Ups
If you want to have the best night possible then you need to have back-ups. All of our plans can be to go to the most awesome parties with the most fun people and best music, but plans and reality don’t always match up. So Formula #3 for an excellent night out is to have multiple options for where to end the night. The easiest way to do that is to use the GeoSwap app, which displays parties, events, and bar happy hours happening around you.


Plan Your Transportation Method
Ok, so now you’ve met up with your friends, you’ve made your plan on where you’re going, and you even have backup plans. Last thing to do before you head out: how are you getting there!?! You’ve got a group of friends, and a list of places, so whether you have to use planes, trains, or automobiles you’ve gotta get there. This step is pretty simple to figure out: just make sure you can get there! And always use a designated driver if you and your friends are drinking.

Share What You’re Doing
Now, you’re finally out and enjoying yourself with your friends in the city on one of the most electric nights of the year. Take pictures, take videos, share your night out! Show your friends and your city how you and your friends get down. You can share how you New Year’s with the entire city of Philadelphia by using the app GeoSwap and posting to their GeoStory, which is a compilation of all the things Philly residents are doing to celebrate!


New Year’s is happening and we all want to have the most Fantastic night we can. By Following the 5 Fantastic Festivity Formulas, you

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